Hi everyone, my name is Carla and this happened last summer. I occasionally babysit for this family, and have always been attracted to the father of the kid I babysit. He is in his early thirties, and great looking. I am not a shy kind of person and I like to let people know I’m interested in them by flirtig or by body language. I’m definitely not slutty or easy, but I usually have no problem getting what I like from guys I’m interested in. Anyways, one night I babysat for this family and I wanted to see what type of reaction I could get from Mr. Jarvis that evenning (he picks me up and drives me home), so I put on a short skirt, little white tank-top (no bra), and sandals. I took a lite jacket to put on in front of Mrs. Jarvis because it was very obvious I wasn’t wearing a bra.My parents were out that evening he came to pick me up and they’ll be asleep when I get home, so I had no problem dressing the way I wanted (quite sexy!). Mr Jarvis pulled up, so I stuffed my jacket into my pack, grabbed my sandals, and walked out to his car barefoot. He opened the door for me, and complemented me on how good I looked. I dumped my pack and sandals in the back seat of the car, and when I sat my skirt covered only the top part of my thighs. As we drove off we talked about their up coming evening, and about what I was doing for the summer (you know, small talk), but I could easily tell he was pre-occupied with how I looked and what I was wearing. When we got closer to the house I turned around and leaned into the back to get my jacket, and sandals (he definitely got a good view of my legs, and maybe more?). I slipped on my sandals and put my jacket on (it is very lite material, so it wasn’t weird to wear it).
I got organized, and the Jarvis’s took off for their evening plans. Their kid is only a year and a half, so he sleeps most of the time. Most of the evening I fanatized about Mr Jarvis and I, and I really started getting turned on.
They finally came home, and it was about 1:30am. I could see them pull in, so I had my stuff ready (jacket on, and sandals too). Mrs Jarvis went directly up to bed, and said good-night in passing. We headed out to the car (still a very warm night), and started on our way. Mr Jarvis was quite bubbley (I think he had alittle to much to drink), and I was down right horny for him. I decided while he was driving to remove my jacket and sandals again, and stretch out my tanned legs. I turned and tosted them into the backseat. He asked me if I was warm, and I told him yes that’s the way I like it. He then complemented me on how beautiful my legs were. I stretched them over so that my feet touched the bottom part of his pants, and asked him if he really though so?. He laughed a said “oh yeah”, then he took his hand and gently rubbed my knee. I responded with a “mmmm”, and a thank-you, but I left my legs stretched out. Mr Jarvis asked if I would like to take a short drive through the park on our way home, and I responde again with a “mmmmmm….sure”. We got to a spot in the park and I suggested we stop and look at the stars, so he immediately pulled over and turned off the car. With out even looking out at the stars he put his hand back on my knee, so I smiled at him and slid my toes up his pant leg.
Mr Jarvis leaned in to me and started to kiss me, his hands now were both on my thighs. I pulled one legs up and stretched it out along the seat, so that Mr Jarvis was now between my legs. His hands were cupping my breats over my tank-top, then down to lift my skirt. Mr Jarvis leaned back and slide off my pink panties. He grabbed both my ankles with one hand and raised them to the head liner of the car, then with the other hand started touching and rubbing my pussie. I grabbed my tank-top and lifted it off to exposed my breasts, then he stopped and we undressed him completely naked. He told me to take off the only other thing I had on… skirt. He pulled apart my legs and dropped his head into my pussie, and started eating me out. With my feet I cupped his erection, and was rubbing it. He grabbed my waist and pulled me flat on the bench seat, and worked his body in between my legs. I felt him start to enter me, and he pushed my knees up to my shoulders, so he could get in easier. It hurt at first, but he was all the way in and started pumping me. I had my legs over his shoulders, and he felt like he feet long inside me….it was an incredible feeling. I think because he had been drinking he didn’t cum quickly, but he kept on screwing me for ever and I’ve never had a guy go that long before!! He hadn’t cum yet, and He took himself out of me and sat on the seat, grabbed me and sat me on top of him.
Mr Jarvis asked me to ride him, so I straddled my feet on either side of him and lowered myself down to take him in again. He grabbed my waist and basically controlled the speed and depth of each thrust. Again, we must have been doing it like this for about 10 min before he finally haulered “he was going to cum!!!” I felt him surge so many times, then a couple of huge thrusts I felt him fill me up. Over the course of about 30 minutes of screwing I had at least two big orgasms. It was an amazing night, better than I had fantasized about. We got our clothes together and got dressed, and he started the car. We were on our way back to my home, and I asked him if his wife would suspect anything because of the amount of time its taken to drive me home. Mr Jarvis told me that she doesn’t notice much about things he does, so not to worry.
A few weeks later I babysat for them again, and on the way home we repeated our detour to the park. This time we got out of the car, and had all types of interesting sex on the beach. It definitely is the best of everything I’ve had to date as sex and stuff!!!!!!